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Home Front Legal Services is based in Indianapolis IndianaHome Front Legal Services LLC was founded by a practicing attorney, Amy Ficklin DeBrota, who began using telecommuting arrangements with her staff in early 2006.  After successfully using telecommuting in her law practice, especially when additional staffing was needed due to workload fluctuations, she realized that law firms needed more flexible temporary staff and office space solutions.   And Home Front Legal Services LLC was born!

Our Core Values

  1. Provide quality legal work. Quality is a state of mind, not a skill.
  2. Be creative. Do more with less.
  3. Pursue both quality of life and quality legal work. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  4. Communicate frequently with clients in order to build good working relationships.
  5. Embrace change and view it as an opportunity.
  6. Accept the blame, share the credit.
  7. Continue to build and maintain an excellent reputation.
  8. Follow through on, and pay attention to, details.
  9. Pursue growth and educational opportunities.
  10. Respect yourself and those around you.

We go the extra mile to insure we can provide you with quality staff. We only hire legal staff with at least one year of applicable experience. We require each applicant to submit a writing sample and references, but we also conduct a background check and "road test" each employee with a mock assignment so we can evaluate their “real life” work skills. If they don't complete the assignment on time and produce competent work, then we don't hire them. Period.

In addition to providing periodic temporary staff assistance, we can also help you find your next great employee. Using Home Front Legal Services LLC as your placement agency allows you to try out one of our legal secretaries, paralegals or attorneys, before committing to a permanent employment arrangement.

Home Front Legal Services LLC offers more than just high quality temporary legal staff and placement services. We can also administer and distribute your next class action notice or settlement. Get assistance from the “Home Front” by contacting us today!

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