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History tells us that support services are crucial, both directly on the "battlefield" and on the "home front".

Cost Efficient

Limiting overhead is critical to any law firm's success.  We can help you cut employee associated costs such as office space, furniture, equipment, training, employment taxes and more.


Your office can stay "lean and mean" while maintaining the ability to add personnel as needed to cover workload peaks.

Time Saving

Spend less time and money recruiting, evaluating, screening, training, and terminating employees and more time practicing law.

Thorough Screening is the Key

Home Front Legal Services LLC puts as much time and energy  into hiring as you do -- probably  more.  At Home Front Legal Services LLC, we thoroughly review all candidates by requiring writing samples, two interviews, background checks and a minimum of two references.  In addition, as an added measure of quality  assurance, each candidate completes a mock assignment, which is evaluated by  practicing attorney and our founder, Amy DeBrota.

Do the Math

As the employer of our temporary legal staff, Home Front Legal Services LLC handles payroll, withholding and paying taxes and all other human resources functions.  If you add up investment of your resources to hire a new employee, such as wages, payroll administration, payroll taxes, health insurance and other benefits, office furniture, computer equipment and software licenses, office space, parking, office supplies, worker compensation insurance, training, continuing legal education, you'll find that our rates are very competitive – especially for telecommuting employees.  We allow you to spend more of your time practicing law and generating income for your firm.



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Home Front Legal Services LLC provides experienced legal secretaries, paralegals and attorneys for one-time projects, temporary and long-term telecommuting and on site assignments, as well as permanent hires.